Gea Wijers


Gea Wijers specializes in research and consultancy on business strategy and management for social and community-based organizations.

Wijers Community-based consultancy’s portfolio includes:

* Research and analysis, in among others the: LIQUID program, NWO Global Challenges Program, see and (2015-2020); DiasporaLink program, ERC Marie Curie Actions , see (2015-2019); Cambodia Research Group, NWO Wotro (2009-2015). 

*Teaching and education, among others: lectures, seminars and supervision at the Vrije Universiteit and the Universiteit van Amsterdam, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Wageningen University & Research.

* Strategy and Communication advisor, among others: Cambodian government (2019); Belgian government (2018); Radio La Benevolencija (2016); Spark remigrant entrepreneurship program (2015-2016); Bruker Daltonik International (2014-2015) Cambodian Ministry of Environment (2005-2006); BoerCroon strategy and management (2000-2003)

[Download my full CV here: CV GDM Wijers]