Organizational research &

Change assessment

(Credits: Helene Vogelaar)

Get insights into the ‘soft side’ of your organization.

This includes an analysis of your organizational culture, your crowd and your social capital. Also, your strategy and product portfolio will be evaluated. Know more about your unique selling points! Suggestions for improvement are part of the deal.

Strategy, Output and Outcome evaluation

Get insights into the direct and indirect consequences of your plans.

This includes  focus group discussions with your stakeholders in- and outside of the organization. What are opportunities and threats you have to take into account.

Social Network Analysis

Get insights into your position in the field.

This includes community-based action research and a quantitative analysis of your social capital. The focus is on the ways in which you can put this to better use.

Data collection in rounds of interviews, data analysis conducted, also, in plenary meetings.

Community-based relation plans

Get insights into communication in the community-based economy.

This includes optimizing your target group involvement, advice on community building for long term commitment.

Of course, you should not hesitate to also contact me for:

  • Chairing, Speaking and Moderating

  • Research assignments

  • Training and Implementation support