* LIQUID program

LIQUID is the Local and International business collaboration for productivity and QUality Improvement in Dairy chains in Southeast Asia and East Africa (2015-2020) funded by the NWO Global Challenges Program.

We aspire to conduct research, develop capacity and share knowledge on how different business models lead to inclusiveness. Inclusiveness is understood both in terms of income opportunities for farmers and workers and in terms of availability of quality dairy products for consumers in South-East Asia and East Africa.

My research question: Considering the inclusion of women, what are important institutional facilitators and constraints to dairy development extension services aimed at milk quality improvement by Indonesian and Thai smallholder dairy farmers in co-operatives? What are the opportunities and challenges to the upscaling of exemplary case-study findings to East Africa?

*DiasporaLinkWorking on the Moroccon remigrant experience in 2016

This research project (funded by the European MSCA-RISE program) aims to provide high-quality, peer-reviewed and evidence-based information on Transnational Diaspora Entrepreneurship (2015-2019).

In an international exchange program involving 32 research centers and universities the practices and findings of TDE research are investigated, evaluated and facilitated for sharing to create a global, extended university network.

Activities involve the participation in visits and reporting through The Network University. In 2016 and 2018  I fulfilled research secondments at, among others,  Al Akhawayan University, Ifrane, Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Taroudant, Nador, and Tanger.

*Cambodia Research Group

The central question of the research program addressed the ways in which the diverging worldviews and interests of foreign hegemonies and related diasporic groups affect both the formation of civil society and the development of a sustainable economy against the background of inconsistent government policies and patron-client relationships (2009-2015).

The innovative dimension of this program was that research was integrated with an incessant process of providing a learning environment for all parties involved and developing a knowledge network that has to continue after the program was finished.

My research question: In what ways do first generation Cambodian French and Cambodian American returnees create and employ their social capital in institutional entrepreneurial activities upon return?

Teaching & Education

*Wageningen University & Research, Business Management & Organisation (BMO)

Postdoc position 2015-2019

Masterstudent supervision, research, publication, communication and presentation at conferences.

* Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam,  Public Administration & Political Science dept

Supervision Masterstudents, freelance 2018-2019.

 *Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR)

Tutor Erasmus University College, mentoring, teaching and supervision 2013-2014.

Guest lecturer Faculty of Social Sciences Honors Class 2014-2019.

Strategy and Communication advisor

*Agence Belge de Développement (CTB)

La formulation de l’intervention “Appui a la stratégie Nationale en faveur des Marocains Résidant a l’Etranger”

Writing the tender proposal in collaboration with GOPA Management Group, Bad Homburg, Germany.

*Radio La Benevolencijala benevolencija

Established in 2002, Radio La Benevolencija Humanitarian Tools Foundation (RLB) is a Dutch NGO committed to the empowerment of minorities and social groups that are, have been or are in danger of becoming, the victims of ethnocentric or other forms of hate violence.

Wijers Community-based Consulting supported the management in the implementation of the periodic evaluation in a new strategic plan. Important results were the needed design of an internal knowledge repository and the implementation of a work process flow to build a learning organization.

Successfull candidates in the entrepreneurship training and coaching trajectory

Successful candidates in the entrepreneurship training and coaching trajectory

*SPARK- Remigrant Diaspora Entrepreneurship

A member of the jury for the assessment of SPARK (former IntEnt) Remigrant Diaspora Entrepreneurs ‘ plans.

SPARK develops higher education and entrepreneurship so that young ambitious people are empowered to lead their post-conflict societies into prosperity.

As a member of the jury, at least twice a year I assess the business plans of remigrant entrepreneurs to, for instance, Afghanistan, Somalia or Suriname. Next, to an advisory function towards the SPARK management, the jury also offers practical advice to the remigrant entrepreneur-to-be.

*Bruker Daltonik Leipzigbruker_logo

Bruker Corporation is a manufacturer of high-performance scientific instruments and technological solutions that can be used in a range of fields (think biotech to wastewater management).

Today, worldwide more than 6,000 employees are working on this permanent challenge at over 90 locations on all continents.

Together, Wijers Community-based Consulting and Bruker have devised a strategy to enter and develop the Cambodian market to work on, among others, chemical substance detection in drinking water.



MasterPeace is an exciting community of social entrepreneurs, volunteers, bloggers, musicians, businesses and other active citizens who connect and work together to fuel peace-building and intercultural understanding.

Wijers Community-based Consulting is happy to work with and for Masterpeace knowledge development as well as facilitate the annual Great Minds Meeting.